PASS Steps Up; Sends Emergency Goods to Puerto Rico

With support from PASS National, PASS members from Chapters FL1 and FL2 stocked up on massive amounts of supplies to assist their brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.

With FedEx donating space on an MD-11, the supplies departed Orlando International Airport Tuesday and landed in San Juan late Wednesday night. PASS leaders from Chapters PR1 and PR2 are in the process of taking inventory and determining how best to distribute the goods.

“This effort cut across PASS Regions and FAA divisions,” said PASS National President Mike Perrone. “Our members stepped up as I knew they would. It’s what ‘union’ is all about—helping your brothers and sisters when they are facing significant challenges.”

Among the items donated by the union were generators, coolers, gas cans, bottled water, baby formula and diapers, batteries, non-perishable foods and much more. [View our photo gallery of the items collected and the members who were involved.]

With three international airports on the island—and many smaller ones—PASS members and their colleagues at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have been on the front lines of the recovery efforts and getting supplies and equipment where they are needed. And by taking care of its own bargaining unit employees and their families, PASS is contributing to the much larger federal effort on the island, allowing these dedicated FAA employees to stay on the job while their loved ones are cared for.

PASS will continue to aide its members on the island and the union will do its part to support the hurricane recovery efforts ongoing in Texas, Florida, and of course the Caribbean.

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