Steve Steinhoff

Steve Steinhoff, an aviation safety inspector at the Oakland Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and Chapter CA3 member for over 20 years, has a long history of serving PASS and the Aviation Safety (AVS) members of Region IV. He joined PASS as soon as PASS was named exclusive representative of his bargaining unit and worked with Jim Kelley, a founding member of Region IV.

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Jim E. Reames

PASS members in the Northwest Mountain region may not realize that they have a prolific author in their midst. Working in the IT field at the FAA, Jim E. Reames, Chapter NW3, spends his spare time writing—and publishing—his novels. Most recently, he has released his fifth novel titled “The Billionaire’s Son,” which is available for purchase as an e-book and paperback on Amazon.

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Stephen Ferrara

Stephen Ferrara, a PASS Chapter NG3 member for the last three years, serves as an aviation safety inspector (ASI) of General Aviation operationsand PASS representative for the Farmingdale Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Under his current title, Ferrara certifies and has oversight over office part 135 operators, part 141 operators and part 61/91 operators.

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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor, a new PASS Chapter WA3 member of just four months, provides administrative support for the FAA Northwest Mountain region and recently became the contract representative for terminal engineering in the Western Service area. Soon after becoming a contract representative Engineering Services (ES), Taylor was designated to represent most of the ES workcenters in Renton. Taylor became an early chapter activist on the PASS WA3 Organizing Committee and has helped coordinate and conduct PASS orientations and worksite meetings, served for the first time at the annual Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show, and rallied PASS bargaining unit employees around new women’s clothing designs for the chapter. He has also supported PASS Region III in negotiations by helping bargaining unit employees who are being forced out of their workspace.

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Mark Dunlap

By Janine Murphy, PASS Region I PR Committee Member

Most in PASS know Mark Dunlap as a Region I assistant, the Chapter NG3 president or the National Legislative Committee chair, but many members might be surprised to know about his talent as a musician. An early love of music in his youth came about for a couple of reasons, namely watching his older brother, who was fluent in guitar and went on to become a professional guitar teacher at a well-known music shop in Holyoke, Mass. “Plus,” he added with a laugh, “I was lousy at sports when I was a teenager and noticed that having success with the guitar helped me get noticed by some girls I liked!”

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