Robert Strick

Robert Strick, Chapter AK3, is a testament to endurance. He is an airway transportation systems specialist out of Anchorage, Alaska, where, as part of his 2101 duties with the Southwest System Support Center, he travels to different, remote parts of Alaska to conduct maintenance. He works to support National Airspace System (NAS) facilities in his region, which includes relying on regional air carriers to transport him to smaller communities.

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Curt Mahaffey

Curt Mahaffey, Chapter TN3, can tell you some things about history. He can tell you about military history—he has been an active reservist since 1988 and his family military history dates back to the Civil War. He can tell you about unique claims to fame—following his birth in 1953, his mother used the dial phone to contact his father, a Sailor with the U.S. Merchant Marines (USMM), via ship to shore radio. The event was featured in the Houston Chronicle. He can tell you about the FAA—he has been working for the FAA for almost 32 years as an aviation safety inspector and is currently stationed at the 142 Certificate Management Office in Irving, Tex. And he can share with you some PASS history—he’s been a union member since 1998 when Flight Standards joined PASS or, as he says, “since the beginning.” Mahaffey discussed history and experiences with the PASS TIMES.

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Kathy McLemore

Kathy McLemore, PASS Chapter OK3, is a management and program analyst working in Oklahoma City as part of PASS’s Flight Inspection Services (FIS) bargaining unit. Prior to joining the FAA, McLemore studied at Northwestern Oklahoma State University and worked at her uncle’s law firm. Now, at the FAA, her responsibilities include working as a contracting officers representative (COR), serving as a purchasing agent for services and supplies, and writing agreements for Flight Inspection Services. In addition, she enjoys scuba diving and spending time with her grandchildren.

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Vikki McCoy

Vikki McCoy is a program analyst in the Technical Support Center at the Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), where she works in several program areas such as commissioning/decommissioning, status code changes, equipment/logging analysis and helping identify facility equipment problems that could impact the National Airspace System. She is also the very popular, very active president of the Alaska Chapter. McCoy shared with the PASS TIMES about her experiences as a union leader.

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Laurie Swensen

Laurie Swenson, PASS Chapter IM3, is an aviation safety assistant working at the Kansas City Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). She has been with the FAA for 10 years and worked as a clerk during her first three years answering phones—a role she says she loved. Her current FAA responsibilities include data entry, answering phones, putting together and mailing packages, managing government-owned vehicles, scheduling appointments, and filing. Basically, Swensen keeps the office running. As she says, “I file everything you can imagine for an office. You name it, I schedule it.”

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