Richard Morris

Richard Morris, PASS Chapter TM2, is a safety inspector at the AMR Certificate Management Office (CMO) in Fort Worth, Texas. The CMO has oversight responsibility of American Airlines.

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Arlene DeClements

Arlene DeClements is a member of PASS Chapter KN1 and a PASS representative from Kansas City. She works as a secretary at the Central Region FAA in Kansas City. Her job responsibilities are vast and varied with a focus on multitasking. She works with PRISM, CRU-X and other systems to help keep the facility running smoothly and efficiently.

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Jae Fry

Jae Fry, Chapter TX1, is a NAS area specialist at the Service Operations Center (SOC) at the Houston Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). The SOC performs maintenance control for equipment and software systems within the Houston ARTCC as well as for those that interface with the facility.

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Bob Baker

Bob Baker, Chapter WI1, was recently selected as the PASS subject matter expert for the Air Traffic Organization Fire Life Safety (FLS) program. The field of FLS involves constructing structures, providing protective measures, establishing procedures and training occupants in a manner that ensures their survival in case of a fire or other emergency that requires evacuation of the building.

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Dave Jobe

Dave Jobe, PASS Chapter IM3, is a manufacturing aviation safety inspector at the Kansas City Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO). He currently serves as the PASS Kansas City MIDO and small airplane directorate representative. At the MIDO, Jobe has a variety of duties though Technical Standard Order (TSO), Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and Production Approval Holder (PAH) certificate management is his primary responsibility. He ensures compliance with Title 14 CFR Part 21, approved quality procedures and design requirements. On occasion, he performs original airworthiness certification on amateur built or light sport aircraft or balloon envelopes.

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