Alan Page

Until recently, Alan Page, Chapter TX1, has served as a national assistant for Region II. Unfortunately for PASS, Page is retiring this year after nearly 20 years of membership. He has worked for the FAA since 1978 in a variety of technical roles, primarily in the control center environment. He joined PASS in 1984 for a number of reasons, including the fact that he was curious about what the union could do for him and he wanted to show support for a coworker who had signed on to become a representative. “But, the thing that actually got me to send in my application was that I was working for a manager who refused to listen to the team,” he shared. “I’ve learned over the years that some managers simply need some  help, and the union can help keep the focus on what is important to the bargaining unit.”

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Ron Ellis

Ronald Ellis, an automation specialist located in the Dallas Fort Worth System Support Center (SSC), is often referred to as the “go to technician” within the D10 TRACON. Recently, his expertise and dedication to safety were recognized at the 2014 FAA ATO Awards. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, ATO Chief Operating Officer Teri Bristol and ATO acting Deputy Chief Operating Officer Randy Park presented Ellis with the award for outstanding technician. Ellis was nominated by his peers for his extraordinary ability to support NextGen programs.

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Olivia Rozier

Olivia Rozier is an aviation safety assistant at the Memphis Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). She provides administrative and semi-technical support related to aircraft regulations to safety inspectors. Rozier started at the FAA in January 2014 and quickly saw the benefits of union membership, joining PASS in June 2014. She believes that PASS gives a voice to employees that would not necessarily be heard otherwise. “PASS helped me understand the rights I have as a federal employee and how certain actions impact my day-to-day life,” Rozier said.

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Jason Rivard

By Janine Murpy, PASS Region I PR Committee Member

PASS Chapter NG3 member Jason Rivard is an Environmental Technician at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn., who uses his talent for working on engine generators and takes it up a notch with his hobby: maintaining and racing performance cars.

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Nicole Pool

Chapter FL1 member Nicole Pool, a logistics management specialist at the Miami Operation Support Staff, joined PASS in 2012 when she recognized her administrative responsibilities, despite serving an important purpose, can often be overlooked at the agency. “While there is a lot of focus on inspectors and technicians, I can’t let the administrative side of the FAA go unheard,” said Pool, whose duties include contract execution, contract management and personal property management.

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Membership in PASS is about more than joining a union—it is about having a voice, gaining a system of support and solidarity, and making an important investment in your future.