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  • Membership Has Its Benefits
    Membership Has Its Benefits PASS members have access to special benefits, including money saving discounts on travel, insurance and more.
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    PASS Members Have a Voice PASS members have a voice in the workplace and only members can vote for local and national officers and on their contracts.
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    Aviation Safety Our Priority PASS represents federal employees at the FAA and the Department of Defense who keep our national air space safe for the flying public.
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    PASS Members Have Influence PASS members serve as subject matter experts and liaisons on FAA projects, directly influencing the agency and aviation safety.

Region I Reaches 50%!

For the past week, PASS Region I has been in celebration mode since reaching a significant milestone: majority membership. Membership in the region is now over 50 percent for the first time in PASS’s history.

“We will continue to push to increase membership even more, but we should all pause to reflect on the significance of this team victory,” said Region I Vice President Luke Drake. “Having this win under our belt should give us the confidence we need to go after the remaining nonmembers.”

Many members of Region I played a significant role in this accomplishment and organizing success. Dave Bowerman, PASS Region I member on the National Organizing Committee, explains that the efforts started last August when adjustments were made to the organizing efforts. Bowerman suggested compiling a team of “go-getters” with PASS’s best interest at heart. “Our intent was to get PASS reps from the district level down to the front levels engaged and talking with folks about joining PASS,” he explained. “We wanted to get reps talking with members and nonmembers about the work that PASS is doing for them at all levels.”

Drake and Bowerman worked together with PASS National Organizer James Renaldi to develop a plan after identifying their goal: majority membership. Once the core team of organizers was identified, the group could move forward with the plan. The strategy involved regular meetings, phone calls and in-person interaction, as well as significant commitment and dedication by the entire team. In addition to Drake, Bowerman and Renaldi, organizing team members included Mark Dunlap, Carlos Aguirre, Bruce Bateman, Fred Bias, Tony Cavallaro, Greg Clark, Matt Didio, Kurt Donnelly, Chad Duncan, Craig Grey, Peter James, Noel Linback, Bruce Milroy, Jim Melaragno, Alex Moore, Kevin Smart, Ed Tirado, Mike Yanis, Jerry Waloszyk and Marco Yonamine.

“I have seen this team of leaders grow in their enthusiasm and up their efforts to reach as many people as possible,” said Bowerman. “As the knowledge and experience of this team grew, so did the membership numbers! Members of the team were excited and proud to share with the team whom they spoken to and whom they had recruited. The accountability and engagement factor became a form of excitement and motivation.”

With the 50 percent milestone successfully reached, Region I is setting goals even higher—100 percent PASS membership! PASS thanks all of Region I for their continued efforts.

To learn more about Region I’s organizing strategy and plans to implement it nationwide, please look out for an upcoming article in the next PASS TIMES.

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