PASS Region V FAQs

How do you fit into PASS after we win the election?

PASS currently represents employees in Mission Support Services, Flight Program Operations, and Department of Defense. Internally, the employees in these groups are in PASS Region V. The regional vice president (RVP) of Region V and National Mission Support Services Representative is Bob Abbott, an FAA employee in Aeronautical Information Services (AJV-5). As the Region V vice president, Bob will be representing you on the PASS Executive Board. The RVP is elected every three years by the membership they represent.

Who does PASS represent in Mission Support Services?

PASS currently represents employees in Aeronautical Information Services (AJV-5), formerly AJV-2 and AJV-3, located in Oklahoma City, Okla., and Silver Spring, Md. We are the largest union in Mission Support Services.

What is the grievance structure? Who is my rep?

As guaranteed in our collective bargaining agreement, PASS has a grievance process for employees to contest any matter relating to their employment. PASS has an elected union representative at each level of management. These representatives are authorized official time to work on labor relations issues and are trained by PASS. To put it another way, there will be a union counterpart for every front-line sub-team and/or team manager; group manager; director; and director of FAA Office of Labor and Employee Relations.

What rights do I have as a PASS Region V member?

PASS members have input on their union representatives at all levels, set priorities for contract negotiations, ratify contract proposals and have access to representation. PASS prides itself on being a very democratic union. As a member, you will have the right to vote on your representatives from the first-line representative to the national president.
As a member of the bargaining unit, you will have a comprehensive array of rights and benefits negotiated in a comprehensive collective bargaining agreement.

Who does PASS represent in Flight Program Operations?

PASS currently represents employees in Flight Control, the Flight Program Business Management Group, Aircraft Operations Group Flight Inspection Team and Aircraft Configuration Team and; Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Group Line Stations Maintenance in California, Georgia, and Michigan. We are the largest union in Flight Program Operations.

As a PASS employee, what pay plan would I be under?

In our collective bargaining agreement, we negotiated for Mission Support Services and Flight Program Operations to be in FG pay plan, which is essentially the GS pay plan. The objective is for you to be in this existing bargaining unit and be converted from the FV pay banding pay system to the to FG system in accordance with the FAA’s Human Resources Operating Instruction (HROI), Setting Pay for Moves from FV to FG.



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