Service Center FAQs

What were the results of the election?

PASS won the election with an overwhelming 89 percent of the votes cast!

What are the next steps in the process?

We still need to determine the eligibility for union representation for 120 challenged positions. This process will start soon and has already started for the Operations Research Analyst 1515 classification employees.

When can I join PASS?

You can join now! Dues will not begin until your SF-50 is updated to the FG pay system pay in Blocks 16–20 and BUS 1384 in Block 37. Please fill out the electronic SF-1187 and hit Submit. 

What PASS chapter will I belong to?

PASS members affiliate for organizing, legislative, safety and other union-internal activities with the PASS chapter where they live. So Service Center members will affiliate with the Georgia PASS chapter, the Texas PASS Chapter or the Washington PASS Chapter. This is different from representation activities directly connected to your conditions of work.


How is eligibility determined?

PASS sent questionnaires to employees in challenged positions and have received many responses that will help us make the argument for union eligibility. The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) will then hear our argument and the Agency’s argument that you should not be eligible. The decision will be made by the FLRA.

When will I see the pay conversion from core compensation to the FG pay system?

Your conversion to the FG pay system is effective the first full pay period after the FLRA certifies PASS as your exclusive representative. It may take a few weeks after the certification for the FAA to reconcile the conversion in accordance with the HROI for Setting Pay for Moves from FV to FG.

When will I see the benefits of telework, AWS, and other contractual benefits?

You and your managers will be expected to apply the contractual terms of the 2017 Agreement between PASS and the FAA in administering telework and Alternate Work Schedules (AWS) once the FLRA certifies PASS as your exclusive representative.

What is the difference between being a dues-paying member and a bargaining unit employee?

Every employee in the bargaining unit—that is, every PASS-represented employee of the Service Centers—will be covered by the contract. But only dues-paying members elect contract representatives, union officers, have the ability to run for a position or office, and vote to ratify contracts. Only dues-paying members have the ability to serve as a PASS liaison or subject matter expert on a variety of agency projects, enhancing your professional development. Union members also receive exclusive deals and discounts through the AFL-CIO . More importantly, members benefit from being part of a nationwide network of PASS brothers and sisters who will listen to your concerns and add your voice to theirs, amplifying the power of PASS!



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