In September 2017, the president signed a six-month extension of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)'s authorization, allowing the agency to operate until March 31, 2018.

And while air traffic control operations remain within the federal government for now, the White House budget released on February 12 again calls for privatizing the system by transferring the air traffic control functions of the FAA to an independently funded, non-governmental entity beginning in 2022. The president and members of his administration have made it clear they support this mis-guided proposal and continue to support H.R.2997, the bill to reauthorize the FAA introduced in the House of Representatives. That bill has not been put to a vote because it faces strong, bi-partisan opposition.

Please contact your lawmakers and tell them you are opposed to any attempt to privatize the air traffic control system.

Find your members district offices and contact info here.

You can contact your member of Congress using these phone scripts and fact sheet: Call script (FAA employees). Call script (supporters). Oppose privatization fact sheet

The U.S. has the safest, largest and most complex aviation system in the world. It belongs to the American public and should continue to be operated for their benefit and safety. Any attempt to privatize the ATC, and the coinciding impact on airports, jobs, and economic activity, has consequences that will resonate throughout our country.  The Senate version of the legislation does not call for this misguided approach to air traffic control and the Senate Appropriations Committee soundly rejected the proposal. PASS will continue to fight the House legislation every step of the way.

Here is the full text of the House bill H.R. 2997 and a section-by-section summary. The corresponding Senate versions are here: S. 1405 full bill and the section-by-section summary. PASS members can access additional resources here. Not a PASS member yet? Join today!

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