This Just In On NextGen

The FAA recently shared this update with PASS regarding progress with the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). PASS has many Article 13 representatives and subject matter experts contributing to the FAA’s modernization efforts. For more information about these representatives and contact information, click here.

NextGen is making a difference. Operational NextGen capabilities are providing benefits to users throughout the National Airspace System (NAS) today, and those benefits will only increase as more systems come online.

Each year, the FAA provides a comprehensive status report on the NextGen modernization effort called the NextGen Update ( The multimedia website offers an in-depth look at accomplishments over the past year and the latest updates on programs and plans for this year and beyond.

The NextGen Update: 2016 includes the latest information on Data Communications, En Route Automation Modernization, the NAS Voice System, System Wide Information Management, Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement, Safety, Environment and Decision Support Systems, among others.

The site is updated quarterly—and as events merit—to keep facts and figures current, making it the go-to NextGen resource for PASS members throughout the year.


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