WASHINGTON, DC - Tom Brantley, national president of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), the union that represents over 11,000 employees at the FAA including technicians and inspectors, released the following statement regarding his testimony today before the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security:

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WASHINGTON, DC - Yesterday, the Senate confirmed J. Randolph Babbitt as the next head of the FAA. Babbitt was nominated to the position in March by President Barack Obama. Most recently a partner in the aviation consultancy group of Oliver Wyman, Babbitt has nearly 40 years of aviation industry experience. A former pilot, he served as president of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA). In 1999, Babbitt was nominated to serve as a member of the FAA's Management Advisory Council and was elected its chair in 2006. He also served on last year's aviation safety task force created in response to questions surrounding FAA safety oversight.

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WASHINGTON, DC - On May 21, the House passed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009 (H.R. 915) by a vote of 277-136. The bill, which contains many provisions critical to PASS members, authorizes $70 billion for the FAA through FY 2012 with $38.9 billion for FAA operations, $13.4 billion for facilities and equipment (F&E), $16.2 billion for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), and $1.35 billion for research, engineering and development.

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PASS Testifies Before House on NextGen: RNAV/RNP


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Tom Brantley, president of the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS) testified today before House lawmakers to highlight concerns regarding NextGen: Area Navigation (RNAV)/Required Navigation Performance (RNP), which will incorporate new Performance-Based routes and procedures to enhance system capacity and reduce environmental impacts and fuel costs.

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FAA Management Paying Employees to Stay Home Rather Than Perform Safety-Critical Work

SAN ANTONIO, TX - This week, the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), which represents aviation safety inspectors, discovered that inspectors have been ordered to stay at home with full pay rather than perform their safety-related jobs. Essentially, management decided it was better for these employees, who are responsible for ensuring aviation safety, to stay at home at the expense of taxpayers rather than protect the flying public.

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